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About Us

Designed by nursery owners, written by farmers and green thumbs, and developed for the gardener—that would be you. That’s what The Fragrant Garden was founded on.

There are plenty of gardening tutorials, aids, and cheat sheets out there on the internet.

You’ve probably already come across a plethora of them in your research. We found those, too, and they frustrated us.

We created The Fragrant Garden to actually give first-hand experience, stories, and instructional information from agricultural specialists.

There’s nothing wrong with spreading your knowledge as a gardener, but we would all agree that some of the best advice comes from the career farmers, the gardeners with thirty plus years under their belt, and those with a higher education in the agriculture career track.

We wanted to hear from them, so we could pass that information on to you.

This site is designed for you. To give you insight on the best grass seeds, break down the different gardening zones across the US, and everything in between.

Our desire was to create a true one-stop shop for all aspiring and veteran gardeners out there. To learn, to grow, and to take value from to help out your fellow gardener.

The Fragrant Gardener has been the first resource for a lot of different gardeners out there, young and old, getting their fingers into the dirt for the first time.

We all began with a passion for gardening. Then we asked all the professionals out there about their two cents, and we got even more than that.

It’s time to start your journey, or continue one that was paused for whatever reason. It’s time to become part of the fragrant family.

Our Editor

Gwen Johansson

My name is Gwen Johansson, and my garden was my ultimate getaway.

I worked ninety hours a week, chasing the American dream (aren’t we all?).

The only solace I had was that every day after work, I would tend to my garden before going to my second job, and it would greet me at night when I got home again.

That was my stress-free place.

Sundays would be devoted to weeding, pruning, cleaning up the edges of the garden and everything in between, so that Monday through Saturday, it would be perfect.

Then a neighbor on a Sunday morning asked for advice, so I gave him some.

Then another neighbor heard from him, so she came to me. Before I knew it, I was practically the “Garden Lady” on the block, which turned into this idea.

I wanted to teach other people what I know about gardening.

Through this site, I’m thankfully down to one full-time job, so I get to focus on writing about my favorite thing, and it also means I spend more time in the garden than I did before (which allowed for some aesthetic expansions).

My goal here is to equip you to handle your own garden like a true green thumb (even if you’re just starting out) by recommending the best gardening gear, guides on plants, plant nutrition, and everything else that’s pertinent to maintaining your aesthetic and fragrant garden.