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This small town garden was designed first for ease of care, and also to be in sympathy with the old -fashioned Cracker Farm house that was moved to the site a number of years ago.  These simple farm houses from the American South were rectangular in shape, with full front porches sited to emphasize and channel the breeze, and to take advantage of any existing shade. 

Mostly rural, they were fenced for enclosure from animals.  Though Smithville, Texas has its share of chickens running loose, animals in general are not a problem. Vines were used to adorn the fence, and there was an emphasis on fragrant plantings around the porch.  Any other garden areas of the period would have been practical and probably used to raise food.

The sunny front porch area features a fairly narrow border with concrete pavers dividing the beds.  Fragrant Old Roses, India Hawthorne, Irises, Plumbago, Salvias, Daylilies, Lantana, and herbs such as Rosemary, Chives, and Mexican Oregano are set along the porch edge, and inside the fence at intervals.  The design is not fancy, nor cottage garden like, but rather simple and clean.

The owner wanted the garden to be very low maintenance, and was not interested in installing irrigation.  For that reason, (and also because they have a lovely form) the back lawn was designed in the round, and can be irrigated as needed with a circular pulsating sprinkler.  Beds that surround the lawn fit into the corners, and are planted with mostly native shrubs, perennials, and vines.  There is a small seating area with a covered swing available for sitting during the cooler morning and evening hours.  Star Jasmine and Crossvine adorn the perimeter, the latter escaping down the fence-line for 30 feet along the neighbor’s fence, as well.